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The Pillar of Mission Aman: Our Social Media Campaign

Hello, how is everyone doing?
As you know, Mission Aman is a part of GNML Online, a collaborative effort of PH International & the Department Of State. The GNML training is going to end soon; but it's just a start for Mission Aman and we'll continue to work for peace in the subcontinent with even a greater spirit. 
This post intends to give our readers an insight into how we are using the social media to get support for our campaign.

Blogger: We are using blogger to publish the latest news on whatever is being done from all the stakeholders to ensure the Indo-Pak peace. We have also been using it to get the people involved in our campaign through the Skype conversations. We will continue to post early notices about the upcoming Skype sessions on our blog. Keep in touch. Our URL is:

Twitter: Twitter has been instrumental in shouting out our latest activities and blog posts to our nearly 1000 followers. We have also been using hashtags to increase the visibility of our tweets. Our Twitter handle is:@jeevanmag

YouTube: We have created a one-minute elevator pitch video to promote Mission Aman. Our next move would be to record the Skype conversations and uploading them on YouTube. Have a look at our YouTube promotional video here: 

Facebook: We have been using Facebook to spread the message of love and peace since the initiation of the campaign. We'd soon be providing a sign up form on our Facebook page. We'll also keep posting the latest news regarding Indo-Pak peace. Our Facebook page address is:

Instagram: Instagram is a platform to experience the power of pictures. We'll keep posting the pictures spreading our message of Indo-Pak peace. Added to that, We'll be posting pictures of the people taking part in our Skype conversations. Follow us on our Instagram: @missionaman

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the most popular professional network of our times. I have an expert-level LinkedIn account and I have added Mission Aman as one of my projects. I'd keep posting updates regarding Mission Aman on my LinkedIn. I hope it would help me in getting the support from professionals specialized in this field. Connect with me (Akash Kumar) on LinkedIn here:

Now, let's talk about my experience in GNML online and how it helped me to improve Mission Aman.  
Google Alerts was my single most rewarding experience in GNML online. It taught me how to keep myself updated on an issue by setting up an alert and receiving the related email updates.
YouTube was my single most challenging experience in GNML online. I had to compile the pictures and add a good narrative to create a good looking promotional video for the campaign.
I plan to use all the social media skills GNML online has provided me with to consolidate our work and promote it using the various social media platforms. In the coming days, you'll see Mission Aman active more than ever.

Thanks for reading!
Keep in touch! 

Bridging the gaps: India, Pakistan growth opportunity for each other

Addressing the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan Mr. T.C.A Raghavan said that India and Pakistan have the potential to become a growth opportunity for each other. Therefore, he said, both countries should take collective measures for mutual benefit. LCCI President Ijaz Mumtaz noted that people to people contacts can play an effective role in dispelling wrong perceptions about each other.  He said that both governments should draw a clear line between political and economic issues. It is high time that trade between both the countries should be given a fair chance to contribute towards peace and prosperity in the region. 
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Indo-Pak ‘peace clinic’ launched

Apollo Hospitals from India and Ziauddin Hospitals from Pakistan have come forward to establish a yet another milestone in the quest for Indo-Pak peace. Both the hospitals have started joint surgery procedures and established a combined liver ward unit at the Pakistani hospital in Karachi on a platform being called ‘peace clinic'. 
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#IndiaWithPakistan: Indian schools mourn the Peshawar attack!

Indian schools join lawmakers in observing two minutes of silence after #IndiaWithPakistan trends on Twitter

 India expressed its solidarity over the terror attacks in the Army school of Peshawar which killed over 140 children. A 2-minute silence was observed in the Indian schools to mourn the death of the innocent kids. The outpouring of shared grief began on Tuesday while the attack was still ongoing, with several Indians posting their sadness and outrage on Twitter as the hashtag #IndiWithPakistan began trending. 

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Indo-Pak students exchange the message of love through letters!

Here is a relevant news story which I came across through Google Alerts. I'd like to share it with all of you-
An oral history project to strengthen ties between India and Pakistan through letter and postcard exchanges brought
560 letters to Calcutta. A collaboration between the Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) and PeaceWorks resulted into this Exchange for Change (EFC).

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Team Mission Aman